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made for each other


He/She/Brother-bhabi/Mass Ji/Dhunkaar/Friends/ Baba JI


I can't say enough about him. He is the one of the finest and smartest persons I've ever known. His passion is helping others and he has dedicated his life to it. He is always there when someone needs him and he does it so selflessly. He is best at resolving conflicts. This along with his amazing sense of judgment makes people seek him to settle their problems. When it comes to getting things done, he is second to none. He is lovingly called “Master Ji” in our village because of his work as an academician. He is on the move always. Sometimes we have a hard time tracking him down. All I can say is he definitely has a class of his own . He has been my source of inspiration. I look up to him and I wish I were more like him in every way.He is my father (Mr. Darshan lal).


She is a gentle and patient soul. She is willing to make any kind of sacrifice for all of us. Her love has been the binding force in the family. She was also an academician, now enjoying her retired life. She dotes on her granddaughter in particular.
She's been there for me in every part of my life. She is a very enthusiastic and lively person. Time just flies by when she is around. Without doubt, she is definitely ahead of her times. And what a trend setter she is! She continues to support and encourage me in every way she can. She drives me crazy sometimes but I love her just the same .
I love you Mom ! Thank you for all you have done for me.



I have an elder brother. I am proud to have brother like him. He guides me in my plans. He did a lot a lot and a lot for me. He is an advocate. Trying his best to provide faithful judgment to his clients. He was topper in Studies.  After staying in new delhi for two years (working in tis hajari court) he shifted to dehradun. Later he was married to “Rajni” in 1999. Rajni is from ludhiana, punjab. She is homely, caring, and nice bhabi. Bhabi and bro both are very cool. They have one daughter. Now they settled in Dehradun.

Mass ji  

She is the lady impressed me like anything. She is simple, kind bestowed with one son (Mr Vikrant Viniak). Just convey her that you are in trouble, she will be there for you to help out your problems; though she may have her own sorrows. She is rich in her thoughts. A major part of the credit of my education goes to her. She is the mother of mothers. She is my dearest massi ji (aunt) Mrs. Sudershan Viniak. 


Have you ever seen dew drops in the morning on lotus palate? She is just like that. She is sweet and loving. She cries and the whole family will be in trouble. She laughs, talks, and walks and the family do not want any joy other than this. She is my niece (Dhunkaar) 4 Year old. She is simply sweet.


Here lies  all the  buddies (with cool and hot temperament). When I was born I had none  but now I have more than hundred. Some are in my blood, some are in my mind, few are in thoughts, some are in my heart,,,,,,,whatever they are wherever they are,,,,,,they are branches of my family tree.

Baba Ji

A true friend.

"jo humri bidh hoti mere satgura ,,,sa bidh jana harr aappe ,,,,hum rulte phirte koi baat na poochta ,,gur satgur sang keere hum thape"