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Harsachin's Planet
I, Me, myself
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Hello and welocme again on the site of a pure vegetarian guy. i have tried my best to explore myself on this page still anything else you want to know just ask.

!!! MY PHYSIQUE !!! Wooooo if you think you are one of those who are creative enough then you can easily have my picture in your mind as :: 6 feet tall, 79 kg weight, strongly built, guy with fair complexion, with specs (that makes me looks like a scholar!!!!!!!) if you still unable then!!!!!black hair, black eyes, white teeth......if you still connot have my picture in your mind then**** i cannot help ****!!!!!
My Favorites
Movies 007 series, Pearl Harbor, Arnold series, Titanic, Brave Heart, LOtR, Gladiator and movies with action stuff.
Actors Leonardo D.C., Tom Cruise, Jackie Chan
and MD.
Actress Catherine Zeta Jones, Julia Roberts, Meg Ryan, A. Jolie and S Stone
Director James Cameron
Pop Female Singer Britney Spears, J Lopez, N Imbruglia etc.
Movies RHTDM, DDLJ, Hungama, Taal, Pardes, Dil Chahata Hai, Lagaan, Abb Takk 56, HDDCS.
Actor Amir Khan, Nana Patekar, Johny lever (Comedian)
Actress Ash and only Ash.
Director Subash Ghai, Y. Chopra.
SARE GAMA ....................
Male Singer Lucky Ali, Jagjit Singh, Nusrat Fateh Ali, Hans, KK
Female Singer Lata Mangeshkar, Chitra
Songs Punjabi Songs With Bhangra Tinge.
Gazals "naye parindon ko urne main waqat to lagta hai..... .."  (Jagjit Singh). ........ "abb kiya soche kiya hona hai,,, jo hoga achchha hoga ,,,,,pehle socha hota pagal abb rone se kiya hoga (nusrat).

!!!!! MY PERSONALITY!!!!! To help an unknown person regardless if there is anything in it for me or not. People seem to always have a good time when they are with me. I am told that i am a good looking guy. I'm always try to make people laugh but a bit crazy also. It is better to inform u that " I AM AS HARD AS DIAMOND AND AS SOFT AS RUBBERBAND (depending upon the situation)" I'm quite philosophical and have many intelectual interests. I am also outgoing. I like to be active. I prefer to be in the company of Kids and old people. I have resonably "good" sense of humour.
My Hobbies
I love music very much, so I spend most of my time listening to music (especially nusrat, jagjit singh,pop and soft music). I also love to go to movies with my friends(I am a movie eater). I'm also developing 'being a shoulder to cry on' as a hobby lately.The thing I don't want to miss is to go jogging a few times a week - there is nothing better to relaxxx. working out at the gym is a current hobby. Travelling and driving (especially bike) is really great!!! I like to walk in nature. Reading good quality books is also an addition to my hobbies.
My resolution for 2005 was to totally kill the habit of being LAZY. I am happy that the resolution is getting strength day by day.

"I am feeling a change (difficult to describe in writing) from the last few years.  Shifting myself in more spiritual AURA. Started enjoying listening spiritual discourses. Very fond of listenning satsangs by Hazur Maharaj Charan Singh ji (My grand Pa) and live satsangs of Baba ji (MY Pa). I am trying to accept whole heartedly (word by word) the contents of a book (Parmaarthi Pattar) by Baba Sawan Singh JI  (my grand grand pa) I am really impressed from discourses of J. Krishnamurti. In short I am trying to be close to GOD and i believe one day i will talk to HIM as in person. For that i got a VISA (naamdaan alias spiritual mantra) from baba ji and trying to obey the promises made during the course. I know its really hard to do so but the only thing helped me is HIS PRESENCE ,,,24 hours with me,,,,I talk to HIM,,,I walk with HIM,,,I cry on him,,,,i tell joke to HIM,,,HE is with me,,,Actually He is with all of us,,,Its just a matter of our own attitude,,,WE eat and foget ,,,HE is helping us in digesting the same,,,HE is helping us to grow,,HE is omnipresent,,,I wish a day will come when with HIS grace My "iota EGO" will be killed and I will merge in HIM. As a human sometimes I am really helpless and negative powers dominate me,,,But i know HE is always with me,,,,and ONE DAY ,,,,,,,,,,//.
"To be very honest I am not very intelligent but somehow he helped me to complete my Post grad and i have full faith (not even a fration of doubt) that in coming year HE will help me to get a resonably good job and a life partner with spirituality in her blood. Still whatever HE has decided for me I have to accepted the same whole heartedly,,,,I have no choice,,,Do a slave have any choice?
The nice thing is that HE is very soft to me. HE always forgive me for my bad deeds. I pray pray pray n pray to HIM to give me strength for being HIS BEST CHILD.
I have occupied a fraction of space on this planet (Earth). I believe that i can atleast make this occupied space worth living. For that i am trying my  best. ,,,,,,,,,
"I am answerable to HIM,,,for
my actions,,,for my thoughts,,and for my life"
Anyway ONE TRUE MASTER,,,HIS spiritual guidance,,,,HIS faith ,,,,and HIS love,,,,what else a human can desire in this life? and
I GOT ALL......!