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Curriculum Vitae


Curriculum Vitae





PED laboratory, Email:

Cryogenics Engineering Centre, Ph No. 91-3222-283592, 279155

IIT-Kharagpur, West Bengal- 721 302 (India) Fax- 91-3222-282258




To secure a position as an engineer in a dynamic, growth-oriented shipping company where my technical and analytical skills can be optimally utilized and enhanced




Master of Science in Cryogenic Engineering ,Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India, date: March, 2002~present, GPA: 9.25/10


Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College, Ludhiana, (India). Graduated: July, 2000, Secured 74.33% with Honours.


Three Year Diploma Course in Mechanical Engineering, Mehr Chand Polytechnic, Jalandhar (India), in June, 1993- July,1996, Secured 73.67 % with Honours.





MS Course Work: Modern Manufacturing Processes, Mechatronics, Cryogenics Heat Transfer and Precision and Micro Manufacturing


Undergraduate Course Work: Applied Thermodynamics, Strength of Materials, Theory Of Machine, Engineering Drawing, Electrical Technology, Mechanical Measurement, Applied Electronics, Design of Machine Elements, Applied Mathematics, Fluid Mechanics, Metallurgy and heat treatment, Computer Programming and Numerical Analysis, System Design Principles, Production Technology, Fluid machinery, Heat Transfer, Operation Research, Automobile Engineering, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Production Engineering, Industrial management, Work study.





1.      Junior Project Assistant in a project (Computational and Experimental Studies on Capillary Type Thermal Mass Flow Meters) Sponsored by Indian Space and Research Organization (ISRO) Bangalore at PED Laboratory; Cryogenics Engg Centre, IIT-Kharagpur. (January 2002 ~present)


2.      Assistant Engineer in M/s Jitshah Iron Foundry, G.T.Road, Batala, Punjab, India.

(July-December 2001).

      Project on reduction of dross formation and gas porosity while melting aluminium by analysis of charging material, rapid melting, pouring temperature and clean foundry practices and by degassing methods

      Process improvements and project management

      Also investigate and implement new technologies and processes

      Support all other team functions in process improvements, team building, quality control, new product launches and skill based pay programs.

      Designed and performed foundry experiments to reduce dimensional variability


3.      Lecturer in Regional Engineering College, Kurukshetra, Harayana, India

( February-June 2001) .

      Subject Taught at undergraduate level Manufacturing Engineering and Metrology

      Duties includes grading, conducting seminars and lab sessions. Lab sessions involved teaching fundamentals of Work Study and Workshop Practice.


4.      Assistant Engineer in M/s Jitshah Iron Foundry G.T.Road, Batala, Punjab, India.

(July-December 2000).

      Trained workers in foundry processes and in operation of machines and equipment

      Reviewed production for new products taking into consideration strength, weight and cost factors

      Analyzed and resolved various production problems

      Support various team projects as required


5.      Junior Engineer in M/s Jitshah Iron Foundry G.T.Road, Batala, Punjab, India.

(July, 1996 -June 1997).

Supervised and coordinated activities of workers engaged in making cores and moulds; charging, operating and tapping furnaces; pouring molten metal into moulds; chipping, grinding and sandblasting castings





1. Training Programme on Rapid prototyping and Tooling with CAD at Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute Durgapur , India.( August 25 29,2003).


2. School on Cryogenics oragnised by Nuclear Science Centre, New Delhi in Collaboration with CERN, Geneva ( February 4-9,2002).


3. Industrial Training (six weeks) in Munjal Castings, Ludhiana, Punjab, India (June 21-August 02,1999)


I have learned various skills on pressure and gravity die castings and

got a practical approach on various NDT techniques.


4. Vocational Training in Rail Coach Factory, Kapurthala (July 06- August 03,1998)


Completed the assigned project on study of coach defects in furnishing

Training on CNC underwater PLASMA cutting machine, CNC LASER profile cutting machine, and CNC shearing center and other precision control machines for pre determined period.


5. Workshop Practice (June,1997) (One Month in fitting, machining, welding, foundry, smithy, automobiles) in Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College, Ludhiana, India


6. Short Term Course in Hand Tools Manufacturing Technology from Central Institute of Hand Tools, Jalandhar, Punjab, India.


Learned various types of hand tool manufacturing techniques


7. Industrial Training in Perk International, Jalandhar, Punjab, India.(March 18-March 27,1996)

Learned various types of G.I. Pipe Fitting Manufacturing Techniques.




Computational and Experimental Studies on Capillary type Thermal Mass Flow Meters

With support of ISRO under the ISRO-IIT Space Technology Cell, our laboratory is developing a thermal flow meter. The meter has two primary elements (a) the heated capillary tube sensor and (b) the laminar shunt. I have worked on the design and construction of the mechanical and electronics components, I have predicted the response of the instrument a priori for given geometry of capillary tube and the laminar bypass. This has helped in finalizing the specifications for the first prototype, both mechanical and electronics. I have analyzed the temperature field inside the capillary, the flow field in the laminar bypass and experimentally studied the behaviour of capillary type flow meter under varying operating conditions.




Languages C programming, FORTRAN

Operating Systems Windows 95/98/2000/XP

Packages AUTO CAD, Matlab,




1.                  Awarded with a Merit Certificate in Matriculation under National Scholarship Scheme.

2.                  Awarded by Punjab State Council for Science and Technology for Minor Project. (Attachment for Automatic Nut Tapping on Drilling machine)

3.                Awarded with College Colour For taking keen interest in College Recreation Club activities (undergraduate level).




      Student Member of American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)

      Student Member of Society of Manufacturing Engineering

      Executive Member of Cryogenic Engineering Society, IIT- Kharagpur.




Date of Birth 15 May, 1976

Sex Male

Nationality Indian

Marital Status Single

Languages Known English, Hindi, Punjabi






Prof. K. Chowdhury


Cryogenic Engineering Center

IIT Kharagpur, India 721302.

Phone No: 91-3222-283582


Prof. Sunil Kumar Sarangi, FNAE

Director and Professor,

National Institute of Technology

Raurkela-769 008, Orissa (India)

Phone No: 91-661-2472050

Mobile: 09437041081


The above given details are to the best of my knowledge and belief.



Date19 December 2003

PlaceKharagpur (India) (Harsachin Kumar)